Leading yourself and then others

A leader’s role is to inspire others to achieve their full potential, and even lead your teams to exceed their own expectations.

A leader must inspire others always, consistently, and without exception.

But, how can we guide someone else to accomplish something if our own success rates seeing tasks to completion are hit and miss?

It all starts with who you are Being.

Did you know that 90% of effective leadership is your ability to lead yourself?

One of the most common thinking and behaviour models I teach my clients is above and below the line. It is so powerful in its simplicity and can be used personally and implemented in any business at any level.

Simply imagine a horizontal line – this represents choice.

If you are operating above the line, you take ownership, are responsible for your actions and accountable for your outcomes. You are positive, curious and open.

If you are operating below the line you blame others, make excuses and are in denial. You are closed and negative.

Imagine you display overwhelm regularly or behave in an unprofessional manner, when under pressure.

Your teams will see that as the benchmark of excellence. You and your teams will be below the line.

However, if you are calm, in control and professional at all times, taking responsibility and being accountable for your successes and challenges, you will be modelling excellence and be above the line.

The simplicity of this model enables you to visually track where you and your teams are at all times.

Body and verbal language, thinking and feeling are all key indicators of whether someone is above or below the line.

You can then manage people differently depending on where their thinking and behaviour sits.

By supporting your teams and having open and honest conversations with them, you can work towards moving them above the line.

For those already above the line, you can lead by inspiration, bringing out the best in them and possibly achieving results far greater than expectations.

This in turn will greatly impact the success of you, your teams and your business.



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