Why do I let my fear stop me from being successful?

Learn to Harness the Power of Fear, Expand your Comfort Zone and life you want on your terms.

For most of us, we experience fear when facing a new challenge – something we may never have attempted before or not for a long time.

We know it’s fear because our body tells us so – tight chest, sweaty palms, fuzzy brain – these are all signs we are facing something new.

It might be as simple as fear of riding a bike, or the more complex fear of public speaking, fear of failing or fear of success.

But what we do next is our choice – how we respond will dictate our success in life.

We are often taught that fear is something to avoid and run away from. But what if you knew that fear is a sign of personal growth – that fear is something to harness – that it is NORMAL.

Yes – feeling fear is NORMAL.

And making mistakes as you learn and grow is also NORMAL!

If you are not making mistakes, you are not growing.

As Susan Jeffers beautifully states in her book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, “we are all human and all face fear – fear is not the problem. It’s what we do with it that counts”.

If we see fear as something to avoid, then it controls us and we lose our personal power and become frozen, unable to deal with the challenges ahead.

However, if we see fear as something to move towards, to take action on, that gives us choice and opportunity, then our personal power grows and expands. We learn to trust ourselves, which in turn, means we know we can handle whatever challenges come our way.

We are responsible for our own choices and decisions, and ultimately our outcomes and successes.

Each time you move from your safe and secure comfort zone, through fear, to your learning and growth zones, you expand your comfort zone.

But remember, each new challenge will have a feeling of fear attached to it.

Highly successful people deal with fear every day – and every day they are growing and learning and expanding their comfort zone, so the challenges that use to create fear are just part of their everyday lives, as they focus on their next success. They have learned to live with fear. They get to know it, how their body responds, and how to harness it.

So, when you feel fear next, how will you respond? Acknowledge it as normal and that you are growing? Or hide and avoid it, and stay stuck where you are now?

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