Are you focussing on all parts of your life?

One of the most misunderstood success strategies goes like this.

We can put all our energy into one part of our lives – and achieve success there.

It may be our career or our business.

But at what cost to the other parts of our lives?

As humans, to truly be able to achieve the results we want, we need to pay attention to all parts of our lives.

This is one of the keys to self-leadership mastery.

It is so normal to focus more at times on one area – it might be family, it might be study, it might be our business.

When this happens, the other areas of our lives, such as our health, friends and family won’t get the same attention as they did before.

And that’s ok for a period of time.

The problem exists when it’s ongoing. And we are focussing only on that one part of our lives.

This can lead to stress and frustration, with a ripple effect through all parts of our lives.

Which in turn impacts how we feel about ourselves and our self-trust.

The fact is, all parts of life matter equally.

So, how do you lead yourself and integrate all parts of your life?


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