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Through our world-class self-leadership course, transformational group coaching, masterminds and workshops, and cutting-edge executive coaching, we help leaders overcome barriers to success, take control of today and realise their full potential. We partner with Business Owners, Executives, Leaders and Teams to overcome their challenges and maximise performance, for themselves and their organisation.

We assist our Business Leaders and Teams to thrive in their fast paced world by improving their communication and leadership effectiveness, productivity, resilience, confidence, accountability, motivation, action taking, focus and stress management.

At the core of our work is the fundamental principal that the overall wellbeing of every employee is paramount to their success. And employers have a critical role to play in fostering and maintaining a mentally healthy work environment. As such, we have developed programs that provide organisations and individuals with the necessary tools and skills to become mentally fit, emotionally resilient and effective self-leaders.

This in turn directly impacts the bottom line of businesses, improving financial results and accelerating business growth, and creating incredible outcomes for leaders personally.



Linda worked with and for businesses for over 25 years as a chartered accountant and finance professional, in privately held SMEs and ASX listed companies, with experience across many and varied sectors. Linda has been an experienced strategic and operational executive leader, driving operations across finance and strategy, accountable for multi-million dollar budgets in foreign and domestic projects.

After her own personal transformation journey and extensive retraining as a Professional Master Coach, Linda now works with CEOs, Executives, Leaders, Managers and Teams to help them uplevel their their thinking and behaviour, to maximise their results and achieve their potential.

Linda is a life-long learner, challenging her long held beliefs about the world and being curious about what she doesn’t know.

Linda is a High Performance Leadership Coach and Consultant, specialising in Mental Fitness, Emotional Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Mastery for Organisations, Executives, Current and Emerging Leaders and Teams. Linda is a Professional Facilitator and Keynote Speaker.

Linda has been married for 28 years and has two wonderful adult daughters. She loves travelling, running , swimming and hiking, the beach, reading, and being with her family and friends. She also loves dabling in new creative ventures such as paint by numbers!

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Benefits Of Working With Us


Enhanced Workplace Culture

The program fosters a supportive and compassionate workplace culture, where mental health is prioritised, and employees feel empowered to reach their full potential.


Improved Performance

Mentally fit leaders are better equipped to handle challenges, make informed decisions, and motivate their teams, resulting in higher performance levels across the organisation.


Increased Productivity

When your leaders are mentally fit and self-aware, they can manage their time efficiently, stay focused, and inspire their teams to excel, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency.


Reduced Turnover and Recruitment Costs

Significantly reduce turnover rates, eliminating the need for frequent recruitment and onboarding expenses, saving your company substantial financial resources.


Fewer Sick Days

With an emphasis on mental wellbeing, your leaders will experience fewer sick days, reducing absenteeism and ensuring consistent productivity.


Greater Employee Satisfaction

An improved workplace environment fosters higher levels of job satisfaction and engagement, leading to a more loyal and motivated workforce.


Enhanced Leadership Skills

Participants will develop advanced self-leadership skills, including emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, effective communication and stress management, further strengthening your leadership pipeline.


Positive Impact on Bottom Line

A healthier and happier workforce translates into a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, leading to sustainable growth and success.

7 Reasons To Work With Me

Are you committed to taking real action to create the success you want?

Do you want level up in your professional and personal lives, be more successful and influential in your career, business or profession?

Do you want to create high-performance for you and your teams?

If so, I invite you to explore the 7 Reasons To Work With Me.

Your goals will be specific and clear, in both your  business/professional and personal lives. Working with me, you will be more effective, efficient and productive. Clarity is the key.

As humans, it is normal from time to time to procrastinate and become overwhelmed. I will keep you focused and accountable, taking the actions and steps needed to move you towards your goals. I will keep you on track.

I will work with you to establish benchmarks and milestones so you have evidence of your progress. This ensures you stay on track to achieve your goals in the timeframe agreed. I will provide your external and objective feedback.

I will drive you to achieve what you are capable of and beyond. Sometimes we have limiting beliefs that create barriers to our success. It’s my job to support and push you through your glass ceiling – further than what you think is possible. Your success is a direct result of your personal growth and challenging yourself to move out of your comfort zone.

I will challenge, inspire and motivate you in ways you haven’t imagined, that will keep you moving towards your goals. As humans, we all need to connect with what motivates us. As your coach, this is my job. Connecting with your goals and your big Why is essential to achieving your success.

We will only focus on what moves you forward towards your success, not on the problems. We will focus on what you can control and influence, and overcome what is getting in the way.

Without taking action, you will stay exactly where you are right now. Working with me, you will learn how to create and implement the new habits you need to achieve your goals and success. This is a direct result of the action that you take. 

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Our Vision

To empower Leaders and their teams to recognize and overcome their challenges, accelerating their growth and achieving their potential. We believe that by supporting leaders in creating results on their own terms and in their own unique ways, they have the power to inspire and impact others, creating a positive ripple effect that extends to all aspects of life. We are committed to fostering an environment where teams thrive, collaborate, and contribute to the greater good.


Our Mission

At our core, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to improve their lives and become the best versions of themselves, which in turn will impact the lives and success of those around you. Our mission is to help you recognise your inherent greatness, even when you may struggle to see it within yourself. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey that will not only enhance your life, but also inspire and uplift the teams you lead.

Our Values


Continuous Learning

Tenacity & Determination

Modelling Excellence

Health & Vitality

Passion & Contribution

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