There is a reason I am so passionate about making a difference for my clients in their professional and personal lives. My lived experiences and career so far makes me who I am today, and drives me in my business and life. 


Linda Scott

Managing Director, Ignite Results Group

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7 Reasons To Work With Me

Are you committed to taking real action to create the success you want?

Do you want move up in your professional and personal lives, be more successful in your career, business or profession?

Do you want to be happier and more fulfilled, or more effective and influential with others?

If so, I invite you to explore the 7 Reasons To Work With Me.

1. Clarity

Your goals will be specific and clear, in both your  business/professional and personal lives. Working with me, you will be more effective, efficient and productive. Clarity is the key.

2. Accountability

As humans, it is normal from time to time to procrastinate and become overwhelmed. I will keep you focused and accountable, taking the actions and steps needed to move you towards your goals. I will keep you on track.

3. Evidence of progress

I will work with you to establish benchmarks and milestones so you have evidence of your progress. This ensures you stay on track to achieve your goals in the timeframe agreed. I will provide your external and objective feedback.

4. Growth

I will drive you to achieve what you are capable of and beyond. Sometimes we have limiting beliefs that create barriers to our success. It’s my job to support and push you through your glass ceiling – further than what you think is possible. Your success is a direct result of your personal growth and challenging yourself to move out of your comfort zone.

5. Motivation

I will challenge, inspire and motivate you in ways you haven’t imagined, that will keep you moving towards your goals. As humans, we all need to connect with what motivates us. As your coach, this is my job. Connecting with your goals and your big Why is essential to achieving your success.

6. Focus

We will only focus on what moves you forward towards your success, not on the problems. We will focus on what you can control and influence, and overcome what is getting in the way.

7. Taking action

Without taking action, you will stay exactly where you are right now. Working with me, you will learn how to create and implement the new habits you need to achieve your goals and success. This is a direct result of the action that you take. 

Ignite Results Group




Tenacity & determination

Modelling excellence

Passion & contribution

Health & vitality

Wealth creation


I believe we all have the ability to improve our lives, and be the people we truly want to be – which in turn will impact the lives of those around us. I see the greatness in each client, and understand that sometimes we don’t see this in ourselves. That’s what I help remind you of and rediscover.


To empower Executive Leaders and Business Owners to identify and overcome their challenges, and accelerate their growth and results, and reach their potential. They create the results on their terms, their way, and in turn, impact and inspire others for the greater good, through the ripple effect of life.

What Leadership Style

Are You?

  • Discover your EDISC Leadership Profile and gain powerful insights into how you can connect, inspire and communicate with anyone in your team, business and life
  • Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and your executive leadership potential
  • Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you communicate, inspire others, create high performing cultures, and develop extraordinary people


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