We’ve worked with leaders across the world to create low-stress, high-energy cultures that deliver incredible results both for the team and themselves. Will you be our next high-performing leader?


Down below this video, you’re going to be able to see leaders we’ve actually helped leaders to think, behave and act in alignment with being a professional human being – leading and managing themselves, so they can lead, manage and inspire others – creating a ripple effect for the greater good.

Some of them have started with us just stepping up into the leadership world with no leadership experience. Others have been in the leadership position for a long time but wanted to develop their teams and their culture even more…

Whichever boat you’re in, the way we help leaders at Thinking Leaders Academy is unique and we’ll find the best, fastest, easiest, and surest way to actually get you to where you want to be as a leader.


Linda starting working with me after I had been through enormous change, both personally and professionally. Linda really made the effort to understand my own personality and background first which then meant she could provide proper and meaningful advice and support, and hold me to account for making the changes needed.​

The whole experience was exceptional, and in the end gave me fresh energy, a clearer mind, and renewed focus on what was most important to me in both business and life generally.

Stephen Beirne
CEO, Queensland Leaders

By enabling the Executive team to work through the roadblocks and speed bumps that can arise with progressive change, Linda opened up ways of working through these while keeping the end goals in the forefront.​

AKIPS has benefited tremendously from working with Linda. The Executive Team has worked with Linda, both individually and in a group setting, and cannot recommend her enough.

Struggling with rapid group and staff restructure, the Executives needed some guidance on how to navigate through, while still running a thriving and busy company, and continuing to manage staff and client needs. Linda definitely made this transition and process smoother, with more structure and stability then thought possible.

Paul Koch, Nick Frampton & Mark Birkinshaw
Owners, Directors and Operators,
AKIPS Network Monitoring Software

Linda’s coaching has been invaluable.

​Initially we were both a little unsure if we would benefit from coaching, having had some negative experience with business coaches previously (and zero time to allocate!) but decided one session can’t hurt. After a session it was obvious she could help, and that there was a lot of layers to work on (being both start up business partners and life partners).

​It’s been super helpful for us both individually, as a couple and in business – getting to root causes/individual blocks/unhealthy dynamics, and helping us to really see and figure out what needs changing.

Jeanie McClymont & Brad Hull
Business Owners & Founders,
Goodmix Pty Ltd



Hi, my name is Linda Scott, and I am the Managing Director of Thinking Leaders.

And through our world class self-leadership course, transformational group masterminds and cutting-edge executive coaching, I help people like you overcome barriers to success, take control of today, and realise your full potential.

Whether you are looking to better connect and communicate in your workplace, build and lead high performing teams, or create growth and choice in your business, I am here to help you design your business and life on your terms.

I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another, and I look forward to how our journey unfolds…