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Empowering Change:
Transformative Leadership at Outsource Institute

Empowering Change:
Transformative Leadership at Outsource Institute

Client Background: Outsource Institute is an Australian engineering training provider. Having partnered with industry for over 20 years, they are at the forefront of what skills and knowledge are required. They customise engineering qualifications to upskill workforces and individuals, enabling them to be formally recognised within their industry.

Challenges Faced: Outsource Institute recognised the need for a transformative approach to address the challenges it was facing due legacy issues impacting culture throughout the organisation, particularly at the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) level. To tackle this, the organisation collaborated with Thinking Leaders, seeking their expertise to guide the ELT through a crucial phase of change. This strategic move coincided with the company owner’s transition to an advisory role, highlighting the need for a cohesive and aligned high performing ELT to drive the business forward. At the onset of the collaboration, Outsource was confronting issues relating to communication, leadership dynamics, accountability and responsibility, decision making and the cohesiveness of the ELT, having the ripple effect throughout the organisation.

Our Approach: Conducting an initial needs analysis and consultation, Thinking Leaders devised a comprehensive strategy that included individualised 1:1 coaching programs and profiling for each executive team member. Additionally, a group coaching program for managers and facilitated workshops tailored specifically for the executive team were implemented. This program ran over a period of 18 months.

Results: The results of this strategic intervention were profound. Managing Director Carl Spruce adeptly navigated the business challenges, instilling a high performing organisational culture, driven by the commitment of each member of the ELT. Ultimately, Carl achieved his goal of stepping back from day-to-day operations, leaving behind a resilient, competent, and successful team capable of propelling the business forward.

Don’t just take my word for it! Here from Carl and his team directly…

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