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Did You Know…


Leaders are the core of any business.

They play a fundamental role in influencing the behaviour of individuals in the workplace. They need to be an inspiration to those around them. They must create space for people to innovate, set benchmarks where excellence is the norm, and high performers can shine. They lead from the front and inspire others to follow.

Great leadership is about creating a culture that people want to be part of, understanding what success looks like, knowing how to motivate, take action and provide guidance when necessary.

A great leader lives and breathes the vision and mission of the business, all day, every day.

A great leader drives productivity and efficiency, always driving themselves and others towards the business goals.

Saying this, all leaders are unique. Just like you and me. We all have our strengths and challenges, with different thinking and decision making styles.

Ignite Results Group

Leadership is not a ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

You need to understand yourself first – know who you really are – and how your thinking and behaviour style impacts your decision making and ability to lead.

Only then, will you truly own your leadership style, creating a platform of trust, to build outstanding teams, drive success, and achieve the professional and personal success you want.


Who Benefits…


We work with emerging and existing executives, leaders and managers in the following ways:

  • Emerging leaders who have either been identified as future leaders in their business, or individuals wanting to pursue a career in leadership
  • First-time leaders just promoted
  • Existing leaders and executives who want a refresh on leadership, or who are furthering their executive career path
  • Technicians transitioning from the “doing” to the “leading”
  • Managers transitioning into a leadership and executive career path
  • Leaders wanting to invest in their own personal development for their professional and personal growth