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Welcome to Thinking Leaders

At Thinking Leaders, we have a deep understanding of Business Owners, Executives and Leaders. With nearly 30 years of experience working in and with small to large businesses, we have first hand knowledge of the challenges, growth opportunities and achievements that come with leadership. We recognise the multifaceted demands and expectations that you face in business, leadership and life. As a key decision-maker, you bear the responsibility for driving important choices and outcomes.

We focus on assisting both individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and maximise performance. We partner with Business Owners, Executives and Leaders to help them thrive in their fast-paced environments. Through our tailored approach, we enhance communication and leadership effectiveness, boost productivity, foster resilience, build confidence and trust, encourage accountability, ignite motivation and so much more.

By working with us, Business Leaders can navigate the complexities of their roles with greater confidence and competence. We address both individual development and team dynamics to create a harmonious and high-performing environment. Our comprehensive support enables you to unleash your own potential while also driving organisational success. Together, we will empower you and your team to thrive amidst challenges, seize opportunities and cultivate a culture of excellence. 



You are an executive, current or emerging leader in an organisation who is seeking to further develop yourself, become a high-performing leader and achieve your potential.

Organisational Leadership

You are a business owner that understands the importance of investing in your most important asset – your staff. You value a high performing culture that delivers exceptional results.

Educational Institution Leadership

You are an educational institution that is seeking to retain your Alumni  members, or wishing to attract more executives to your MBA or Masters Programs.

Executive, Leadership & Career

You want to develop your personal and professional leadership skills, unlock your potential and become high-performing.

Online Group & In-Person Workshops

You are either a leader who wants to join a group of like minded leaders or you want to develop your team to become high performing.

Profiling: Extended DISC & Open 360s

You want to build a high performance culture, where great communication, trust and rapport is the cornerstone of your success and results.

Keynotes, Hosting & Facilitation

You need a professional speaker, host or facilitator to bring that extra something special to your event or team offsite.

Micro credential: Leadership Training

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Supporting leaders in their leadership journey by providing accredited Executive Education.

We've Got You Covered

We understand that not everyone learns the same way and different approaches are necessary for every workplace and individual. A Thinking Leaders, we’ve developed a range of educational approaches designed to suit your needs. We conduct 1:1 Executive Coaching, run online and in-person Team Workshops, Keynotes and Professional Facilitation, and provide our Online Self-Paced programs.

We Are Trained In

Meet Your Thinking Leaders Coach & Founder

Hi, my name is Linda Scott, and I am the Managing Director of Thinking Leaders.

And through our world class self-leadership course, transformational group masterminds and cutting-edge executive coaching, I help people like you overcome barriers to success, take control of today, and realise your full potential.

Whether you are looking to better connect and communicate in your workplace, build and lead high performing teams, or create growth and choice in your business, I am here to help you design your business and life on your terms.

I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another, and I look forward to how our journey unfolds…

What Is Self-Leadership Mastery?

Learn how to lead and manage yourself, so you can lead, inspire and influence others.

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