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Self Leadership Mastery

The key to success, no matter what stage you and your teams are at in the leadership life cycle, is your own self-leadership. This is the first and most important pillar of leadership.

This course is designed to build the mental fitness, emotional resilience, self-leadership and overall wellbeing of you and your team.

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I’ve been working closely with 3000+ leaders across Australia & around the world…

to maximise their performance, achieve extraordinary results, and create a life of choices, time & confidence, so they can lead, inspire & influence others.

So far the results have been amazing. We’re seeing members hitting performance goals, transforming from managers to leaders, and stepping into their greatness as thinking leaders. Some get results within the first week of working with Thinking Leaders.

I’d like to work with a few more leaders to help them do the same.

We’re going to work closely together for the next 6 months to help you master your self-leadership so you can lead, inspire & influence performance for yourself and your teams.

Here's A Few Things You'll End Up With...

17 fundamental behavioural and thinking models the most successful leaders in the world are using to achieve their performance goals.

If you are here, you are already on your way to becoming a successful leader. Because you know that leadership is not a blame game or forcing your team to meet deadlines with rules, frustration and stress. You are the kind of leader who wants to lead, inspire and influence instead. You are the kind of leader who takes responsibility and the true meaning of conscious leading into your own hand, and you know that YOU are the catalyst of change, before everyone else.

If you are here, you are aware that you have the power to create the results you want for yourself, your teams, and your business when you do the work WITHIN. Bring out what’s best and change what no longer serves you.

That’s my mission with this program. To cut through the guesswork, and give you straight answers to understanding who you are, what drives you, what are your natural behaviour, responses and thinking patterns, so you can understand YOU. Then you can take the power into your hands to change your behaviour in a moment to optimise your effectiveness, and results, and impact others to achieve success.

The key to mastering communication.

93% of your communication is non-verbal. So this isn’t about what to say and what not to say. It’s about seeking to understand how we’re sending the messages verbally & nonverbally to ourselves, our teams and the world, so we can maximise our communication’s impact.

You’ll transform the way you communicate with yourselves, build rapport with others and ultimately how you engage and connect with the world.


Become the high-performing, inspiring, empowering and confident leader that you deserve to be. Because I know and you know that in the end, this is what it’s all about. And I trust you, like me, believe in finding the answer within and know that true leadership starts with ourselves.

So at the end of these 6 months we have together, you’ve stepped up into your power, reclaimed who you want to be, created a life of certainty, choices, time & self-confidence and made the impact you’re meant to make as a leader.

A solid structure to set and achieve results personally & professionally.

Personal performance relies on one major factor – your ownership. You must own the selection, implementation of and use of any structures, process, systems and measures. Having structure in our lives is directly linked to the achievement of results.

We’ll map out a solid structure to help you achieve your personal performance potential in a way that is fun, meaningful and rewarding for YOU specifically. Your goals, your measures and benchmarks, your monitoring and interpretation of progress and your actions to improve and change.

That’s right – your journey – your way – your performance.

Some Key Benefits:


Self-leadership mastery is the cornerstone of success in leadership, business and in life. Understand who you are, what you want to achieve and learn, and how to get there. We must truly know and influence ourselves
before we can lead, influence and inspire others. Why do you make decisions, react certain ways, create habits and routines? How do you set and achieve goals, create focus and discipline?


Learn the 5 steps to connecting with your Self-Leadership – T.H.I.N.K.
Thinking. Headspace. Instructions. Now, Not Later. Key Communication. This course includes 27 units, 27 workbooks and 27 videos designed for you to explore online, at your leisure. Whether you love to read, listen or watch, we’ve got you covered.


Learn how to maximise your performance and improve your communication effectiveness, productivity, resilience, confidence, accountability, motivation, action taking, focus and stress management. All of this combines to make you more mentally fit, emotionally resilient and a self-leader. Understand how your thinking creates your behaviour which creates your results. What do you really want to achieve? Only you can take the action. Become a high performing leader now!


Here's How It Works

You and I will work together on the 5 main focuses of Self-Leadership Mastery – T.H.I.N.K.



We’ll walk through the 6 models of thinking & behaviour so you can access a deeper understanding of who you are, what drives you, what your natural behaviours, responses and thinking patterns are; and how these factors are influencing your results. From there, you can start working toward getting the outcomes you want for you and your team.



Next, we’ll dive into your mindset. Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Do you believe your thinking is fixed or can it change? What are your life values and beliefs, vision and mission, identity and purpose? Understand who you are, what you stand for, what’s important to you and why you do what you do – this gives you the tools to move forward with confidence and certainty about you.



Having structure in our lives is directly linked with us achieving our dreams and goals. But we tend to run around doing the doing. Are we being proactive? Do we have a plan? In this part of your program, you’ll learn the Thinking Leaders’ structure to set goals & achieve results. It starts with knowing your goals, your benchmarks of success and your strategies to create the results you want. They are the tools to achieving your personal performance potential.



Next step, we will help you break through what’s holding you back from taking action. The key to action comes from knowing what motivates you, your strengths and challenges, and your habits and rituals. What are you focussing on to achieve your results? How are you building self-trust? At the core of taking action is your ability to be flexible in your thinking and behaviour – to see the opportunities, possibilities and options.



The final step, you’re ready to master communication. It’s our physiology, tonality and rapport that mainly impact our communication with others. And then it’s the actual conversations we have, the people we surround ourselves with, and the mentoring and guidance that support our communication style and impact. You’ll transform the way you communicate with yourselves, build rapport with others and ultimately how you engage and connect with the world.


How Long Is The Course?

The Self-Leadership Mastery Online Course has a total of 5 modules split into 27 units, with 27 workbooks, 27 videos and quizzes. 
In each video, I take you through the frameworks and templates you can implement straight away.
Each unit takes between 4-8 minutes to watch or read.
And the workbooks for each unit to complete at your own pace.
The course is specifically designed to meet a variety of learning needs, whether you like to read, listen or watch a video – we have you covered!

What Are The Outcomes Of The Course?

Here's How We'll Work Together To Make It Happen

The System:

Delivered over 26 weeks (6 months) via pre-recorded trainings inside your ‘5-Step to Self-Leadership Mastery’ program. You can watch these trainings any time, day or night. Work through them fast or take your time and absorb it all.


The Resources:

Not only will you have access to the best mindset training, thinking structure, actionable framework & practical exercises to help you master your self-leadership, but you’ll also get access to cheat sheets, templates, workbooks and examples of how to bring what you learn into your role.


The Support:

You’ll also get exclusive access to the ultimate collection of my 12 best leadership Discussion Group recordings and the Thinking Leaders Video Library. You’ll unlock critical pillars of leadership success including how to set and achieve goals, how to make great decisions, how to achieve extraordinary results & set yourself up to achieve your goals, and so much more.


To Summarise, Here's Everything You'll Receive:


You’ll learn to overcome overwhelm and stress, to create time, and to design life on your terms.

You’ll explore how to lead and manage yourself, so you can lead, inspire and influence others.

You’ll empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you approach challenges, how you connect with others, and how you can create the career, business and life you want.

How Does This Work?

Upon becoming a Thinking Leader member, you’ll get immediate access to the 5 Steps to Self->Leadership Mastery online learning portal where you can dive straight into your learning or start mapping your learning schedule at your own pace.

And the more you dive into this program, the more growth you will have, so I’d like you to be sure you have 1-2 hours a week to dedicate to this over the next couple of months.

I Usually Get A Couple Of Questions About The Program, So I Thought I'd Make Sure You're Taken Care Of And Answer Them All:

I hear you! I’ve invested in courses and programs before and didn’t see great results, so I totally get it. I believe this program is truly the missing piece and it will help you maximise your performance, achieve extraordinary results, and create a life of choices, time & confidence; but I want you to feel extra safe to work with me.

Which is why I have the world’s best guarantee. If you join this program and say YES to your next level, I promise you will love it. We love this program and have put our heart and soul into it. This is not a quick-fix program, and it works if you do.

However, if for some reason you’ve completed all of your video trainings, you’ve done all the homework, you’ve shown up to all the Q&A calls, you’ve followed the system, you’ve shown up and fully completed this program within 6 months after you join us, and don’t believe you get any value out of any of it, we’ll refund 100% of your investment to you. No risk. No questions asked.

Yes, it will work for you and your profession. Over the last 3.5 years, we’ve helped leaders from all walks of life and all different professions & industries, across Australia & around the world exceed their potential.

The reason why it works for everybody is that it’s NOT a cookie-cutter program.

Each part of the program is designed for you to go deep into your own unique journey. We believe that because you are unique, the way in which you lead, inspire & influence others MUST be unique to you.

In other words, for the first time ever, you will actually love your growth as a leader because it will be a journey that’s designed just for YOU.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Just so you can be extra sure, here are some of the leaders we’ve helped (this list is by no means exclusive but it should help you feel extra confident this WILL work for you): finance, technology, electrical, mechanical, mining, therapy, college, outsourcing, food and beverage, IT services, and many more.

You’re in good hands and you’re going to love this breath-of-fresh-air simple & insightful strategy to help you maximise your leadership performance.

Okay, this is my favourite question because I LOVE the answer I am able to give you. (And I’m super proud of the answer, too!)

You can see progress as fast as you want to.

And it’s not just these leaders, I have hundreds of stories just like this. Here’s the deal: if you are willing to bet on yourself, roll up your sleeves and execute the 5-step roadmap I’ve created for you, you will see progress in your leadership as fast as you want to.

Reminder: here’s how to get started…
Just click the button below, fill in the information… and I’ll take it from there.

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