Welcome to Thinking Leaders! I empower individuals and teams to unlock their full potential through tailored coaching, training, workshops and profiling. I am also a keynote speaker, professional facilitator and event host. My goal is to help organisations create cultures that people want to be part of – where they belong. A key part of this process is to have leaders who are mental fit, emotionally resilient and are self-leaders. Let’s collaborate to build a successful culture, resulting in enhanced performance and retention, and an improved bottom line for your organisation.


Coaching facilitates personal and professional growth through a supportive partnership, unlocking potential, enhancing self-awareness and achieving goals. It offers valuable insights, tools to overcome obstacles, fosters accountability, boosts confidence and empowers individuals to reach their full potential and lead purpose-driven lives.

Executive Coaching is a process that aims to enhance the skills, performance and development of individuals in key executive leadership positions. This style of coaching primarily targets high level executives, such as C-suite executives and senior managers with the goal to enhance performance in the current role. It provides a confidential and genuine space where executives can discuss their challenges, limitations and goals with a trained coach to gain new insights and perspectives. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, executive coaching helps leaders identify their strengths and areas for improvement, develop new strategies for their high stakes problem-solving and decision-making, and managing the complexities of their role. Executive coaching is strategic, addressing issues relating to corporate strategy, organisational dynamics and the executive’s role in steering the company. Ultimately, executive coaching is an investment in personal and organisational growth that will have a positive impact on the overall performance of the individual, culture  and bottom line of an organisation.

Leadership Coaching is generally broader than Executive Coaching, and can be applied at various levels within an organisation, not just limited to top executives. Leadership Coaching is focussed on developing leadership skills, fostering effective communication, building high-performing teams and enhancing interpersonal relationships. As a technician, we are great at our skill – what we do. But suddenly we become supervisors, managers and leaders. However, we’ve never had any training. This is the typical technician to leader journey. So, leadership coaching is designed to help new leaders understand the fundamentals of leadership – human behaviour! This type of coaching benefits emerging and mid-level managers, and even individual contributors seeking to enhance their leadership abilities.


The Thinking Leaders Leadership Coaching and Training Programs help leaders acquire skills to lead effectively in today’s complex business environment. You’ll learn leadership principles, coaching techniques and how to apply them to motivate and inspire your team. Connect with other leaders, share experiences and expand your network. Our expert coaches who are also professional facilitators, have extensive experience in leadership coaching and will provide you with actionable insights and practical advice. Our programs are also customisable to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Whether you’re a seasoned or new leader, our trainings will provide you with the guidance and support needed to succeed.

Ignite the Leader in You with the 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Mastery online program. Self-leadership mastery is the cornerstone of your success, in executive, leadership, business and in life. Understand who you are, what you want to achieve and learn, and how to get there. We must truly know and influence ourselves before we can lead, influence and inspire others. Why do you make decisions, react certain ways, create habits and routines? How do you set and achieve goals, create focus and discipline? With this program, you will have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, from anywhere and at any time. Our training program has been carefully designed to cover all the key skills that a great leader needs, from  communication and motivation, to accountability and confidence. Plus, our comprehensive materials and interactive exercises will help you put theory into practice and see real results as a leader. Don’t let a busy schedule hold you back from achieving your goals – sign up to the 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Mastery online self-paced program today and ignite the leader in you!

At Thinking Leaders, we believe that every team has the potential to excel and be high-performing, when equipped with the right tools and strategies. Our in person workshops provide a unique opportunity to address the core challenges that may hinder your team’s success, empowering them to achieve remarkable results. By building on the principals of self-leadership mastery, we lay the foundation for a high-performing team culture that thrives on trust, accountability, collaboration, results and clear communication. Our workshops stand out due to our expert facilitators, tailored approach, and interactive learning experiences. With our tailored content, use of world best practice profiling tools and hands-on immersive exercises, our workshops provide an exceptional opportunity for teams to learn, grow, and achieve transformative results.


Our profiling tools are tailored to meet your specific needs. Weunderstand that each individual and team are unique, and that iswhy we offer a variety of options that can be customised to suit yourgoals and aspirations. Our team of expert professional coaches arededicated to helping you achieve your full potential, and we arecommitted to providing you with the highest quality tools andservices possible.

By using this tool, you can gain an in-depth understanding of your own personality, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as those of your team members, and tailor your communication and work strategies accordingly. The EDISC tool is suitable for a wide range of applications including performance improvement, teambuilding, leadership development and recruitment, and is widely used by businesses and organisations of all sizes across the world.

By using the EDISC Profiling Tool you will:

  • Discover the 4 leadership behavioural styles and gain powerful insights into why you and your teams do what you do in business and in life;
  • Understand each other better to maximise strengths, understand the challenges, fill the gaps and unlock potential; and 
  • Empower your teams to make conscious choices about how they lead, engage, communicate, make decisions and collaborate, creating vibrant cultures and extraordinary teams.

Open 360° is an online platform that allows clients to conduct 360° feedback measurements using their own criteria. Open 360°is a customisable and flexible tool for measuring skills, competencies and behaviours. We work with out clients to develop a unique program, designed to support the development of your teams, and work with each individual to ensure they receive the feedback in a supporting and positive way, which provides a platform for personal and professional growth and development.

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool assists leaders to understand the intricate nature of their thinking patterns. The beauty of holding this knowledge is that in understanding and unpacking it, we can help identify and improve the many strengths and stretches. Thinking styles can be developed over time to deliver outstanding results. By knowing why your leaders do what you do, they can achieve new goals and evolve into the leader they want to be. This tool will provide factual and measurable strengths and stretches based upon your goals, to enable targeted coaching and mentoring – to fill the gaps between where they are now and where they want to be.


As Professional Facilitators, Thinking Leaders provides a range ofservices to enhance your events, including motivational KeynoteSpeaking, facilitation of those challenging strategy meetings toensure you get the outcome you want or other corporate or groupevents.

As a keynote speaker in leadership and communication, I am committed to empowering leaders at all levels to unleash their full potential. Through vibrant engaging presentations, I provide the tools, knowledge and inspiration to enhance communication skills, cultivate effective leadership strategies, and create lasting impact, all while connecting people to learn and grow together.

Being a professional facilitator is both an art and a science. Through my expertise in group dynamics, effective communication and facilitation techniques, I have the privilege of guiding groups toward shared understanding, consensus, and impactful outcomes. As a facilitator, I am dedicated to creating an inclusive and engaging environment that fosters collaboration, unlocks creativity, and drives sustainable results. Whether it’s a team-building workshop, strategic planning session, or problem-solving retreats, I bring passion, professionalism and a commitment to making every facilitation experience a transformative and valuable one.

Being an event host allows me to combine my passion for public speaking, connecting people and crowd engagement. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, I am dedicated to making every event I host a resounding success. Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate gathering, I bring enthusiasm, professionalism and an unwavering focus on creating meaningful connections and memorable moments for all attendees.

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