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An Introduction to Personal Mastery

An Introduction to

Self-Leadership Mastery

Hi and welcome to the 7 Steps to Self-Leadership Course.

My name is Linda Scott and I’m so thrilled you are joining me in this exciting, challenging and rewarding journey to Self-Leadership Mastery.

Leadership is not something you inherently know – you have to develop the skills  – to lead and manage yourself so you can lead and manage others.

After nearly 30 years as a finance professional, I have seen and also experienced firsthand the huge need to assist executives to develop as people first, and then as leaders. Only then can you achieve the success you want and deserve.


When we grow as humans first, the ripple effect impacts not only our working lives, but your personal ones too – ourselves, our families and our communities.

We can integrate all parts of our lives, rather than having a gaping divide between who we are at work and at home.

We can then create and  design  the life we have always wanted.

It Starts With Awareness

Starting out my career as an accountant, working horrendously long hours, ticking boxes, & moving up the ‘ladder’, I had absolutely no awareness about myself.

Who was I as a person?

Why did I do things a certain way (often differently to my peers)?

I didn’t know how to create time for myself, care for myself, nor did I understand how important this was not only to my wellbeing, but my performance at work, my behaviour at home, and then the impact on my children.

I had absolutely no concept of this. I just thought working on yourself was all a waste of time and a lot of woowoo.

Well, how wrong could I be!

Who Is Driving Your Car?

The reason I now work in the human behaviour field was born out of my own learnings – life lessons – learned the hard way, with costs to myself and my family.

Someone else was driving my car. I didn’t have the awareness of how to take the controls.

I now work with people like you to create success for the whole you – which will directly impact all areas of your life – including your career, family, wealth, relationships, health and much much more.

So you can drive your own car, eyes open, understanding your decision making, thinking styles, making choices on your terms. 

Are You Ready?

This journey together will be challenging for you – I know it was for me.

Often, I came across concepts and ideas that were so foreign to me – it challenged me to simply become aware of it. Be assured that everything here is evidence and research based. That is the only type of methodologies I can work with.  It must be trusted, factual and proven.

So, I invite you to keep an open mind, make your way through the modules step by step and allow the growth to happen organically. Accept that, at times, it will feel uncomfortable and you will be challenged by what you see, hear, feel and tell yourself.

I am still growing and learning – this will now be part of my life forever. I invite you to join me.


Let’s Get Started. Up Next…

Leading Yourself Before Leading Others