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Leading Yourself Before Leading Others

In this unit, you will be learning about the fundamental principal of leadership mastery – you must learn to lead yourself before you can lead others.

A leader’s role is to inspire others to achieve their full potential, and even lead your teams to exceed their own expectations.

A leader must inspire others always, consistently, and without exception.

As a leader you are upfront, where everyone can see you, what you are doing, how you are doing it. You set the benchmarks of how you want your team to be. You become the example of excellence.

Your role is to build trust, through consistently practicing what you preach. This will set you apart from other leaders and be the platform for your success.

It Starts With YOU

The question is, how can we guide someone else to accomplish something if our own success rates seeing tasks to completion are hit and miss? 

It all starts with YOU. 

Did you know that 90% of effective leadership is your ability to lead yourself? 

Imagine you display overwhelm regularly or behave in an unprofessional manner, when under pressure.

Your teams will see that as the benchmark of excellence. 

Take Responsibility

However, if you are calm, in control and professional at all times, taking responsibility and being accountable for your successes and challenges, you will be modelling excellence.

So, how do we lead ourselves, to become the leader and person we want to be, so we can lead and inspire others?

There is no avoiding the fact that our ability to lead others starts with truly seeing, understanding and accepting ourselves – our strengths and challenges. 

Being a great leader to others starts with being a great leader in your life. It’s an inside job first.

Only once you can lead yourself can you lead others.

The Leader in Your Life

So, now we are going to explore the difference between leadership and management, and the role this plays in getting the results we want.

Leadership is how we inspire others to achieve their full potential and exceed what they thought was achievable.

Management is how we guide others to do their role successfully.


There are 4 pillars to becoming a truly inspiring leader:

Your Turn

So, let’s start at the beginning with YOU.

Download the workbook from the materials tab at the top of this page and spend some time reflecting on what you believe the characteristics are for each pillar.

Remember to reflect on the key skills you have already and any gaps in your self-leadership which impacts your ability to lead others.

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Thinking and Behaviour Styles

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