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Your Ideal Average Day

Have you ever actually stopped and asked yourself how do you want your life to be?

Your career, your family, your wealth, your adventure, your connections?

Most of us get caught up in doing the doing, but if we keep doing things the same way, we will continue to get the same results.

So, what do you want?

On the inside and out?

The richest most successful leaders can look great on the outside, have everything money can buy, but what is happening on the inside? Do they have purpose? Does their inner world match their outer world?

What are the experiences we want to have rather than winning, gaining, conquering and having?

Do you feel like you are continuously on a treadmill? Are you ready to get off?

Do you set goals about who you are becoming rather than what you are getting?

The benchmarks are internal not external.

The external ‘stuff’ does matter – we need to start with us – to understand how great we can be.

Then we can lead and inspire others to also be great.

How do you feel when you acquire all the things? The house, the car, the clothes?

Will your life then be “OK” when you have them? Is the feeling of being “OK” there at the destination? Or is it still missing?

I’m definitely not saying not to set goals to have ‘stuff’.

It’s just that stuff won’t give you meaning and help you feel fulfilled.

Having the thing won’t cause you to feel anything, other than for a fleeting moment. However, these things can help us create experiences.


Imagine that sports car you want or have. Is it the thing that causes joy or the experience of driving the car that creates the joy?

Go for the goals of the ‘thing’, but remember the ‘thing’ won’t be the vehicle to get you to the feeling you want.

What Do You Really Want?

So, what is your Ideal Average Day?

The day which, if you was to live it every day, you’d never get bored and you’d never get sick and it wouldn’t hurt anyone or you.

A lot of people have two versions of themselves:

The ‘surface’ version that we take out to the world and think is as we ‘should’ be, what is expected of us, and… 

Our ‘core’ self – the true authentic selves we are meant to and desire to be. The version of us where we are most comfortable and at one in our skin.

Creating your Ideal Average Day is designed to take you back to your core.”

We have a certain number of years remaining. This breaks down into so many days.

And each day is made up of… moments of experience.

Remember, our ideal average day doesn’t need to be right and correct. Your ideal average day will change over time as you grow and develop.

Make sure this is what you want, not what other people tell you is ideal.

By being honest and open with yourself, and how you engage, will dictate how you experience this exercise and your life in general.

Your Turn

Let’s do another exercise together.

Download the workbook from the ‘Materials’ tab at the top of this page.

What moments of experience do you desire?

Not lying on the beach all day, but in a world designed by you, on your terms, what would you day look like, feel like, what would you hear, what would tell yourself?

What would be your routines and habits?

Who would you spend time with?

Be specific as you can – this will help you start to understand what you want.

And then we can start working on who you need to be to get there.


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