We are thrilled to present to you our suite of cutting-edge Thinking Leaders Leadership Programs, designed to transform your middle and senior management, emerging, senior and executive leaders into mentally fit, emotionally resilient and self-leadership-driven individuals. Our programs are a catalyst for fostering a more successful workplace culture, enhancing performance, and ultimately saving your company tens of thousands of dollars in recruitment and replacement costs.

The Challenge: Mental Health and Leadership in the Modern Workplace

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, the mental wellbeing of employees is paramount to their success as leaders. Stress, burnout and disengagement often impede productivity and leads to higher turnover rates. As a result, companies face significant financial losses due to decreased job satisfaction, frequent sick leaves, and mental health issues among their workforce. And as we know, before we can truly lead others, we must first learn how to lead ourselves.

The Solution: Thinking Leaders Leadership Programs

We offer a comprehensive leadership program suite that equips your managers and leaders with the necessary tools and skills to become mentally fit, emotionally resilient and effective self-leaders. Because, as we know, before we can truly lead, inspire and influence others, we must first
learn to lead and manage ourselves…

How Our Programs Are Designed

The Thinking Leaders Leadership Program suite is tailored to suit your company’s unique needs and challenges, no matter what size or industry. Our programs provide instant, practical and immersive leadership training to support your teams in all stages of the leadership lifecycle. We believe everyone is a leader, no matter their title.

Firstly, our Self-Leadership Mastery Online Self-Paced Course enables your teams to learn and grow at their own pace and in their own time. Secondly, our signature THINKINGMINDS Group Leadership Program provides the best of both words, providing a hybrid learning environment. As part of this initiative, you will have access to the online self-paced Self-Leadership Mastery course and online live Group Coaching and Mastermind sessions. These incredible sessions are where your leaders will receive live coaching and mentoring as part of a group of like-minded peers from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries, plus they will partake in a Group Mastermind, where the learnings are embedded and applied to their leadership journey.

Finally, our team of expert facilitators can deliver interactive and engaging team workshops and personalised 1:1 coaching, keynotes and professional facilitation, to ensure a seamless integration of mental fitness and self-leadership principles into your organisational culture.

Think of our Thinking Leaders Leadership Program as a simple plugin that can instantly solve your employee wellbeing initiative challenges, saving you valuable time, energy and money. Your Employee Membership Portal can be hosted on a co-branded/white
labelled subdomain website with the look and feel of your unique organisation, or your team can simply join our Thinking Leaders Membership Platform.

We invite you to embrace the Thinking Leaders Leadership Program suite and take your company to new heights of success, prosperity and wellbeing. By investing in the mental health and self-leadership development of your managers and leaders, you are creating a brighter future for your organisation and its most valuable asset: your people.

Our suite of programs is outlined in the coming pages. So, let’s schedule a meeting to discuss how our programs can be customised to meet your specific needs and contribute to the long-term growth of your company. Together, we can build a world-class workplace culture that inspires greatness and ensures a thriving future.

Self-Leadership Mastery

Learn the 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Mastery. The key to success, no matter what stage you are at in the leadership life cycle, is your own self-leadership. This program is designed for all – whether you are a business owner, executive leader, or an emerging leader. If you are new to self-leadership, you want to explore it more deeply, or you want a refresher, this course is for you.



Self-leadership mastery is the cornerstone of your success, in executive, leadership, business and in life.

Understand who you are, what you want to achieve and learn, and how to get there. We must truly know and influence ourselves before we can lead, influence and inspire others. Why do you make decisions, react certain ways, create habits and routines?

How do you set and achieve goals, create focus and discipline?



Learn the 5 steps to connecting with your Self-Leadership – T.H.I.N.K. Thinking. Headspace. Instructions. Now, Not Later. Key Communication.

This course includes 27 units, 27 workbooks and 27 videos designed for you to explore online, at your leisure. Whether you love to read, listen or watch, we’ve got you covered.



Learn how to maximise your performance and improve your communication effectiveness, productivity, resilience, confidence, accountability, motivation, action taking, focus and stress management.

Understand how your thinking creates your behaviour which creates your results. What do you really want to achieve? Only you can take the action. Become a high performing leader now!


Join your Professional Master Coach and a group of supportive peers twice a month for an immersive program, including live coaching and mentoring, group peer to peer advice, support and accountability, and a place where you can speak the truth and expect to receive it back. This is a truly unique and powerful learning experience. Learn to overcome overwhelm and stress, to create time and design life on your terms. Learn how to lead and manage yourself, so you can lead, inspire and influence others. Become the leader you know you can be.


Live Group Coaching and Mentoring Program

Lead by a highly qualified and experienced Thinking Leaders
Professional Master Coach and Facilitator. Participants have the opportunity to learn from the coach’s expertise and guidance, as well as from the experiences and insights of
other group members.

The diverse perspectives and knowledge within the group foster a rich learning environment, where members can gain
new insights, learn different approaches, and broaden their understanding of various topics or challenges.


Peer Support and Accountability

The Group coaching and mastermind program offers the benefit of peer support and accountability. Participants can receive encouragement, motivation, and feedback from their fellow group members, who are on a similar journey of personal or professional growth.

The group acts as a supportive community, where members can share their successes, challenges, and progress. This peer support helps individuals stay focused, committed, and accountable to their goals, increasing the likelihood of sustained progress and achievement.


Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

This Group provides networking and collaboration opportunities. Participants can connect with like-minded individuals who share similar goals, interests, or aspirations. These connections can lead to collaborations and valuable professional relationships.

The group setting fosters a sense of community, where members can leverage each other’s skills, resources, and expertise, creating a collaborative and supportive environment for growth and success. You will also be part of an ongoing leadership circle community of like-minded peers.


At Thinking Leaders, we believe that every team has the potential to excel when equipped with the right tools and strategies. Our workshops provide a unique opportunity to address the core challenges that may hinder your team’s success, empowering them to achieve remarkable results. By building on the principals of self-leadership mastery, we lay the foundation for a high-performing team culture that thrives on trust, accountability, collaboration, results and clear communication.



Witness a remarkable transformation in your team as they overcome dysfunctions and develop into a high-performing unit. Unlock their potential for success through trust, accountability, effective conflict resolution, goal alignment, exceptional results and open communication.



Our workshops cultivate a collaborative mindset and equip your team with the necessary skills to work together effectively. Experience increased productivity, improved decision-making, and a positive team culture that drives success.



The principles of self-leadership mastery instilled in our workshops go beyond temporary fixes. We focus on creating lasting change, empowering your team members to continue their growth journey and sustain their newfound success even after the workshops conclude.

1:1 ultimate leadership coaching

Our mentoring sessions have been created with the intention of furnishing valuable information and ideas, as well as providing a platform for brainstorming and gaining valuable insights to help our clients determine the most appropriate path for them. Our ultimate objective is to help our clients maximize their strengths and develop those areas that require attention, allowing us to create tailored, individualized plans for each participant.


Identify strengths and stretches

Our primary objective is to extend our unwavering support in helping participants recognize and harness their innate abilities and positive qualities. By doing so, we aim to help them identify their milestones and target areas for growth and progress, specifically in their roles as individuals who strive to lead the way. As a team of highly proficient facilitators, we are well-equipped to guide each participant towards a more profound understanding of their intrinsic assets and how these can be maximized to bring about personal and professional growth.


Establish benchmarks, standards and gaps in your thinking

In order to achieve your short and long term professional goals, it is essential to establish benchmarks, standards and identify any gaps in your thinking. This will allow for a clear understanding of where you are currently positioned, and what steps need to be taken to reach your desired outcomes. By assessing your current situation against established benchmarks and standards in your industry, you will be able to make informed decisions based on data and analysis.


Develop strengths and stretches in setting your personal and professional vision

Our program seeks to enhance your personal and professional development in the areas of vision-setting, personal growth, leadership, and accountability for yourself and your team. We focus on both strengths and areas for improvement to create a well-rounded environment for growth. Our goal is to help you develop the skills necessary to succeed in your personal and professional life.

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